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Products: Tapered SuperMax Fixed Crown Lefty Adapter

Price: $95

The first and ONLY Lefty Supermax adapter on the market!

  • Allows use of a SuperMax Lefty on frames with tapered head tubes (1.125"x 1.5").
  • Weight 217.5 grams before cutting the steerer tube (weight will vary drastically due the varying clamp spacing of the Lefty).
  • Total length from the bottom of the lower collar to the top of the steerer tube is 11 3/4 inches.
  • Spacers may be needed to complete your specific build. These should be available at your local bike shop.
  • Check out our Stem Cap Kit and Lefty Hub Cap with Titanium Bolt to add some bling to your build!
  • Note: Our Tapered Adapter is not actually tapered. A true tapered steerer was not an option due to dimensional restraints from the Lefty lower crown. No problem though, we came up with a nice little solution that works perfectly with a tapered headset. And since the Lefty is really a double crown strut there is no real advantage to a tapered steerer anyway.

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