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Products: Stan's NoTubes Anodized Rims

Price: $130

  • Stan's NoTubes rims available (Note: up to a 2 week lead time depending on availability):
    • ZTR Crest 26" 32H
    • ZTR Crest 29er 32H
    • ZTR Flow 26" 32H
    • ZTR Flow 29er 32H
    • ZTR Arch EX 26" 32H
    • ZTR Arch EX 29er 32H
    • ZTR Crest 650B 32H
    • ZTR Arch EX 650B 32H
    • ZTR Flow EX 26" 32H
    • ZTR Flow EX 650B 32H
    • ZTR Flow EX 29er 32H
  • All rims available in Red, Blue, Gold or Green.
  • Custom colors are available in Pink, Purple or Orange, add $15 (Note: custom colors have a 2-3 week lead time)
  • For ZTR Alpine, ZTR Olympic, ZTR 355 and special hole patterns, please call 877.584.7321 for availability.
  • Complete wheel sets available.

Rim Style/Size:
Available Colors:
International customers (other than UK and Canada) should contact us directly for PayPal transactions, or check for your international dealer.
Note: Anodized rim orders can take 2-3 weeks to ship.
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