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Products: Stan's NoTubes Anodized Rims

Price: $130

  • Stan's NoTubes rims available (Note: up to a 2 week lead time depending on availability):
    • ZTR Arch EX 26" 32H
    • ZTR Arch EX 650B 32H
    • ZTR Arch EX 29er 32H
    • ZTR Crest 26" 32H
    • ZTR Crest 650B 32H
    • ZTR Crest 29er 32H
    • ZTR Flow EX 26" 32H
    • ZTR Flow EX 650B 32H
    • ZTR Flow EX 29er 32H
  • All rims available in RED, BLUE, GOLD or GREEN.
  • Custom colors are available in PINK, PURPLE, ORANGE or TURQUOISE. (Note: custom colors have a 2-3 week lead time)
  • For ZTR Alpine, ZTR Olympic, ZTR 355 and special hole patterns, please call 877.584.7321 for availability.
  • Complete wheel sets available.

Note: Colors may vary from the pictures shown. Due to the nature of anodizing (and computer screens) there will be slight variations from pictures to in hand product. Project 321 is committed to providing a beautiful, consistent product, therefore, we only ship items that fall within our accepted range. For any questions about the colors please feel free to email us at

Rim Style/Size:
Available Colors:
International customers (other than UK and Canada) should contact us directly for PayPal transactions, or check for your international dealer.
Note: Anodized rim orders can take 2-3 weeks to ship.
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